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in the american league east. joe saunders. watch manny machado. is this brooks robinson? spectacular play. look at mark reynolds. he cannot do it any better. joe saunders took a perfect game into the sixth inning. nick markakis to left. 2-0. j.j. hardy, same spot. nick markakis cruises in. 3-0. joe saunders in trouble and replaced by luis ayala. that was it. 4-0, the orioles win again. the rays beat the yankees. the orioles are one game out of first place. joe saunders was not as dominant as serena williams. she did not lose a game. this is the round of 16 in the u.s. open. she dominated. no one on the planet playing as well as serena williams in tennis. she won last night 6-0, 6-0, and she moves on to the quarter finals. the ravens move on to their season opener monday night against cincinnati. number 72 is one of the 15 rookies or second year players on the team. he was impressive in his first camp. he could start as left guard. there is rare race and anquan boldin. justin tucker all rookies. college football last night. virginia tech over georgia tech in overtime. how about them o's, huh/ >>
comes up. the king of swing. joe saunders on the hill. ain't this fun? >> all right. you are sleepy eyed from that game. wearing the o's gear helps. espn and site called said orioles gear has been the hottest, second to the yankees and the san francisco giants. >> i think it certainly helps. that's not to say they haven't been supporting us but maybe they haven't been as vocal and willing to demonstrate that pride that they have in the team. >> the playoff tickets are expected to go fast. >> a beautiful day for star gazing. they all took part in the 15th annual ruth steak sizzling classic in baltimore county. the tournament raises much needed money for the local chapter of the leukemia and lem foam a society. abc2 news was the proud sponsor. >> not bad. >> we didn't see where it went. >> he's no tiger. mayben ni els -- maybe ernie els. >> it as a cool scenario, down to 40s before you know this. take a look at weather in dundalk on the east side, mighty key bridge in the backdrop as we look over the outer portion of the horizon. bel air beautiful skies over harford county. ou
. they are now one game behind the yankees. joe saunders struggled in his first start but not yesterday. this is sensational by manny machado, the throat and the stretch from mark reynolds. he keeps his foot on the bag. in the fifth inning, the orioles gave him a cushion. that's course robert and dino. j.j. hardy rips one down the line into the corner. 3-0. joe saunders left in the seventh inning with the bases loaded. the list i ella gets out of the jam -- luis ayala gets out of the jam. j.j. hardy adds some insurance. the orioles are one game out of first place. ravens looking to win their second straight afc north championship. they have an interesting blend of veterans and new playoffs. there are 15 rookies and second- year players. he says he has been impressed with the veterans who have helped his transition to the ravens' offensive line. >> we have good veterans on the team. i can learn from them. they have it down pat. they have been midseason form since we started. they look good. i'm trying to catch up. >> sounds like barry white. [laughter] >> 75 degrees on tv hill. >> a stra
...back-to-back rbi doubles...orioles lead 3-0....joe saunders making his 2nd orioles start...his first one was a disaster...this was much better....bottom of the 6th...strikes out colby rasmus third scoreless frames by saunners....bottom of the 7th...3-0 o' ays have tte basee loaded and one out... .luis ayala gets moises sierra pwinging forrthe 2nd out.... next batter...jeff mathis flies out to jays did not get another base runner...o's shutout toronno 4-0... 3 saunders had a no-hitter through 5 and 2 thirds....j win...zach britton wiil make the start for the o's tomorrow... could the o's make up ground on the yankees???...visiting yaakees down 2-1..raul ibanez to right...ben francisco bad dive...goes to the wall...alex rodriguez fresh off the d-l scores from first..ties it at 2....bottom 8...tied at 3... chris gimenez grounds it to 2nd...under robinson cano's the plate...tampa leads 4-3.... in the 99h...fernando rodney gets curtis granderson swinging to end it...rays win 4-3...o's so close to the division lead they can taste it... here's a look at the updated a-l ea
toronto 4-0 behind joe saunders. so get pumped up. thursday, calripcon gets his statue. that marks 17 years since he broke lieu garic's record. tickets are still available for friday and sunday games. >> get excited about this. laptop, that's a dilemma facing many parents and, high schools and colleges right now. >> what's better for taking to class? we found out. >> reporter: best buy is struggling these days as electronic shoppers purpose online or at the apple store. but best buy is seeing uptics in business from college students and parents of high school students coming in for computers. this year, the decision is tougher than usual on what to buy. >> reporter: laptop, pc ors nothing? if your school provides laptops you can choose nothing. but most families willave to choose between a tablet or laptop computer. >> many teens want an ipad, but best buy's mow mew hummed says the mackbooks are almost as light. >> they don't have to fold it up and throw it in their back pack anymore, they can keep it in their hands and just carry it. >> reporter: a recent report says as much as your
the top spot h in the american league wildcard standings. joe saunders will be on the mound tonight and the first pitch is at 10:05. you have to stay up late for that one. it is a big sports weekend all around for baltimore fans. the ravens will take on the philadelphia eagles. the ravens are looking the avoid a letdown. they squeaked out a win over cleveland. kick-off is the at 1:00 on sunday over philly. >>> if you need something to do in between all of the games this weekend, you can head out to the carroll county farm museum for the 29th annual the festival features tastings of wines from maryland wineries, live music, food from local restaurants, arts and crafts and wine education seminars. it runs saturday from 10:00 to 6:00 and sunday from noon to 6:00. tickets cost between $20 and $65 for the weekend. the children 12 and under are admitted for free. if you want more information, you can go to marylandwinefestival. org. >>> it may still be september, but red robin is getting a head start on celebrating october fest. the chain is introducing a new october fest milk shake. the
5 weeks. i know he's counting. >> thirty saves. >>> the orioles north of the border and joe saunders making his second start with the birds. he would get help. escobar on the bunt. look at manny. reynolds on the other end with a stretch for the out. one of the best plays of the game. the o's lead 1-0, a man on for nick markakis. robert andino will score on the markakis double. the orioles shut out the jays 4- 0. the yankees lost to the rays 4-3. >>> . >> they hit the field for a conditioning session. >> and brandon banks back in 16 after battling the bubble all preseason. in the red skins final game on wednesday he impressed with a 47-yard catch, a 43-yard run, not to mention he averaged 13.2 yards per punt return. he also showed he is the play maker with a 91-yard change-up on a punt return earlier in the preseason. entering this year banks seems as confident as ever. >> feel like i'm a play maker. want the ball. as many times as i can get the ball. when i can get it, can make plays. >> got a good team. got a lot of depth on the team and a lot of things going and making a good run t
. first two games right here at home all sold out but we have to concentrate on tonight's game. joe saunders, aaron laughy. perfect weather. the layoff push is on, kelly. one game at a time, all important win. >> one game at a time. we're ready. all right. we'll see you in a little bit. >>> coming up lots of families are making their holiday travel plans. what you should know before you book that flight this fall. >> there were long lines plus a long list of complaints. >>> american airlines flights with its pilots are boiling over, causing more than 500 flights already to be canceled since september 16th. less than half of the airline's flights have been on time. according to flight, more than 100 flights were canceled yesterday alone. american airlines said sick calls from pilots and questionable maintenance complaints are the blai. the pilots said they're being asked to fly more with cuts to their benefits since american declared bankruptcy. >>> there's lots of criticism about the new apple mapping app. some say the company is offering generous salaries and moving expens
. the effort by joe saunders tonight -- they could very well make their big league debut against the mariners. everyone will have to fight exhaustion tonight. bottom of the force -- taking the pitch over the wall. chris davis singles and a tie run, setting this one on to a string of extra innings. the backup catcher, only the second hit of the season. the orioles go on to win in 18 innings. they've won 14 straight extra inning games. the yankees and the blue jays on a double header. the bottom of the first -- doubling over the head of the center. talk of the eight -- going for the single. two batters later, a double to right field. the blue jays back, but they could not get any closer as the yankees' hold on in the first double header. the orioles staff half a game at first and a half a game at the top spot for the wild card. the rays look almost out of it with only 14 games left to play. this marks the only time the orioles and the ravens have 14 games left and both teams face must win situations. for the ravens, it's a when they get is the patient -- against the patriots. no one needs a rem
push. the blue jays got things rolling at the very top. first inning, a single off joe saunders, over the head of j.j. hardy. one-zero, toronto. loadm of the night, o's the bases, but ryan flaherty gets under the pinch. toronto winds of 4-0. it makes the seasons wild-card race considerably tighter. the l.a. angels are two behind and tampa bay is making a comeback. coming up, this video out of washington state as a fire spreads at an apartment complex. extreme waves in hawaii topple beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a dozen families are forced from their homes after a fire breaks out in a spokane, washington apartment complex. it started tuesday afternoon in a three-story building. firefighters found heavy smoke and flames from the roof of the building. it took a couple hours for firefighters to extinguish the flames. residents were told they could stay at a nearby hotel. the u.s. supreme court will decide whether police can force suspected drunken drivers who refuse a breath test to have blood
in the wild-card race. gomes rips a shot into left field off of joe saunders. lawrie evens the score. toronto up 2-0 in the sevent. rasmus, same hit, a different direction. arencibia comes in to score. encarnacion comes to the plate. he puts it into right field as well. chris davis in right field -- check out this throw. the line to third, in time to mail -- nail rasmus. no miracle tonight. flaherty pops it up to end it. fortunately for the orioles, the early yankees lead did not hold up minnesota. the twins got a to run home run. -- two-run home run. the comeback to beat the yankees, 5-4. wild card race, considerably tighter. the orioles and oakland still in the top spots. the angels are two games out at the moment. it will, 2.5 -- it could become 1.5 if the angels win tonight. no nfl team likes playing on a thursday night. no time to prepare. but for the ravens, it means there is not enough time to get overconfident before facing the browns. a couple of things have changed since the last meeting, in december. this time around, the rentals how of the 27 current defense. missing terrell tubbs
there in center field, making sure we know the importance of winning tonight. joe saunders for us. adam laffey. the orioles are a game and a half out of first place behind the new york yankees. should the orioles and yankees tie for the eastern division, we could play that game in baltimore. there's so many different scenarios. listen, you are running out of time to capital of orioles at the yards, especially if you didn't get your playoff tickets when they went on sale on saturday. the team said they sold out with the wild card game. now, with the sellout crowds, that means the games that you want to see, you have to go to the aftermarket seral -- seller. we'll talk about the big business of bogus tickets. we'll let you know on what the scammers do to make them and what the team is doing to protect you. >> anytime there's a greater demand for any sporting event, you'll seat potential for fraud. >> reporter: we'll break down the red flag you need to know about and the ticket sources you can trust. you're showing off your orange pride. orange pride, baby. look at this. he's got an orange -- no,
...but the mariners match that in the bottom of the 4th...franklin gutierrez takes joe saunders over the wall in left..tied at 1 now in the 6th inning... and the tuesday mmrathon has forced the orioles' hand... &pthey are calling up their young pitching phenom...dylan bundy..he spent the day ttavelling and was in uniform tonight...he'll be the first teenaged pitcher on the o's roster in over 45 yearss.. &pcounting starter wei-yen chen the birds used 8 pitchers last night andhave used nine different relievers in the first two games in seattle..a starter in the minors, bundy will likely be used out of the bullpen.. for the laat three years, the pavens have been stuck in a opening week win, theyylose in week two...but unner john harbaugh, week 3 is always a different story.morgan adsit has more from owings mills. mills. 3 the oddsmakers 3 it's now time to announce the candidates in our high school game of the week contest... brought to you by varsity sports network dot com... com... p3&here's thhs weee's slate of games for friday september 21st...catonsville at franklin in football...edmondson and poly
. joe saunders against adam laughy. looks like they're going to go to the hospital on thursday to deliver their first child so we'll cope an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on tickets. tickets are completely sold out for the wild card and the playoffs. if you don't have your seat, you'll have to take your chances with an after market seral -- seller. we'll find out more about the counterfeiters who are working evertime. we'll tell you about bogus tickets, what they look like, the red flags and the battle to stay one step ahead of these scammers. >> counterfeiters want top dis-- want to replicate as many features to pass them to the and consumer as well as the date official. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, the experts weigh in so you don't get scammed trying to get a seat for the post season. check out our website at for the amazing fan photo contest. submit a picture showing your orange pride and you can win a gift card to the zone. sign up on our home page in the spotlight section. kelly, this jacket is circa, 1997. i didn't have to extend the buttons, eithe
right here. two-run shot off of joe saunders. tommy malone, solid. chris davis takes him deep to center field and just gone. 26 for davis and we're tied at 2. a's regain the lead at the bottom half of the fifth. johnny goals singles and big night for their a's. including this one in the 7th. this more defense to end the game and derek norris guns him down trying to steal. a's win 3-2. >> giants and d'backs, trying to get a foul ball. matt cain, two strikesouts and five walks. and five innings and hunter pence, bases loaded in the third. grand slam, third of pence's career. they get out a no jam in the sixth. giants adding a run in the eighth by the relief pitcher who never gets any. an r.b.i. single. they win 6-2. >> can you just imagine 49ers coach jim harbaugh and jim schwartz meeting at midfield and exchange ago warm, friendly hug. this whole handshake business is irrelevant. but we like to talk about it. niners beat detroit and harbaugh almost touched off a fight. they are going to try to stop johnson. handshake is still a hot topic. >> seen it a bunch of times since. there is a bun
. doing well. >> let's get up the road. the orioles north of the border intelligence the blue jays. joe saunders pitched six tough scoreless innings and got some solid defense behind him. that included a nice bare handed play by manny machado at third. os win 4-0 and are now one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. >> one game? >> one game. >> oh, yeah. >> let's talk football now. five days and counting until robert griffin iii will lead the redskins out on to the field for their first regular season game. >> they kick off the season in new orleans against the saints on sunday at 1:00 p.m. the team is looking to improve on last year's 5-11 record. i think that is a given. >> nowhere to go but up. >> brandon banks is back in the fold again after battling the bubble all season. he impressed with a 43-yard catch. he also showed he is a playmaker with a 91-yard touchdown on a punt return earlier this season. entering the season, banks seems as confident as ever. >> i feel like i want the ball as many times as i can get the ball. hopefully i can make the play and go the distance. >> i f
. >>> orioles against the blue jays, joe saunders making his second start with the birds. bottom 2 he gets some defensive help. manny machado bare hands it and throws it and mark reynolds gets the out. top of the 5th o's leading 1-0. nick markakis pokes one into the opposite field. orioles shut out the jays 4-0 now one game behind the yankees who lost to the rays tonight 4- 3. >>> coming up after this break the bang is open. we're talking -- bank is open. we're talking about the skins little bigman next. stay with us. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totin
the leap of j.j. hardy. joe saunders did not pitch poorly. two on, one out. clutch base hit by colby rasmus. next batter, edwin encarnacion. he sells for a single -- he settles for a single. the orioles load the bases in the ninth inning. he just got under it. 4-0, the orioles were shut out. the yankees lost last night to the twins. ravens and brown's tamara night -- tomorrow night. the ravens played a tough game against the patriots on sunday. they give up almost 400 yards on defense. keys preparation -- the key is preparation, said ed reed. >> just being in the right spot. >> ed pretty critical about what esau in seattle -- about what he seattle. seattaw in >> a man dies in police custody and his family wants answers. one teenager has a unique >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. the revenue is expected to stick around for a few days -- the rain is expected to stick around for a few days? >>
base runner...o's shutout toronto 4-0... 3 joe saunders threw 6 and a third scoreless innings in his 2nd start for the o''s a look at the updated a-l east standings...the yankees lost game behind new yyrk for he division lead...the o's host the yankees for 4 starting on thursday... 3 if you drove anywhere his weekend... you paad a lot to get there.gas prices aae the labor day weekend. weekend.a gallon of gas cost 3 dollars and 88cents today. that's up 7 cents from this time last week.on this day last year... gas cost 3 dollars and 56 cents a gallon...22 cents less than this year. we can help you finddthe bestt gas prices in your neighborhood.go to fox- ballimore dot com slash pump 3atroll- some "mr. coffee" coffeemakers are unddr recall today... foo a dannerous malfunction. according to the consumee product safety commission... &pthe appliance can suddenly release a stream of scalding water and coffee grounds. the recall single-cup brewing systems... sold between september 20100and this month. they were sold at target, walmart, k- mart, j-c penny and bed, bath and beyond sto
of the yankees. joe saunders pitched six-plus shutout innings. baltimore blanked toronto 4-0. the o's have won eight of the last ten. >>> it was a night of redemption last night for virginia tech kicker. he missed a 38-year-old kick early on in the game but boy demake up for it big time. georgia tech leading 17-14 with time running out. hits a 41-year-old field goal that sends the game to overtime. the hokies kyle fuller throw as pass sending it into overtime. virginia tech wins its season opener 20-17. >>> what a great day, monday finish. mcelroy won the tournament in boston. even this putt on 18 it hung on the lip. he still captured the deutsche bank championship. tiger finished in third. >>> our time is 6:25. straight ahead, the latest on cleanup efforts following another round of flash flooding in the district. >> plus, the tooth fairy and inflation. how much should kids get when a baby tooth comes out these days? >> wow, they're raking it in i can tell you that. right now monika has a quick check on traffic this terrible tuesday. is it panning out? >> it's tough out and we've got problems
the yankees by a game &pand a was game thhe against toronto.. torooto.. joe saunders on tte hill for the o's tonighttas they look loss...but he struggled first...two men on for yan gomes...he ines one hit...brett lawrieerounds third and beats out the throw at the plate...jays strike first 1-0...bottom four...addiny hhchavarria line...that goes all the way to the wall....a-jay davvs scores easily...2-0 toronto... top of the seventh...more trouble for saunders...colby rasmus lines one to right...j-p arencibia comes into scoree.3-0 blue jayy...that would do it for sauuders...o's drop their seconn straight game...4-0 the final... 3 3&no we haven't forgotten thee ravens...we''l ear frod- coordinator dean pees,coming uop at 11:30 aa sports unlimitee contiiuue buying... store brands... savings.....buttare the store brands as good? as paarice sanders shows us... consumer reports put its ttste testers pn the case. case. ((pat on cam)) buying store brands... can save an average off25-pprcent off your grocery bbll! (mos #1)"i go for the store brand if there's a storr-brand opp
in the eighth inning as a's beat the yanks. the baltimore orioles are even closer. joe saunders and three other pitchers allowed just three hits as the birds down toronto for nothing. baltimore is a game back of first. >>> tiger woods finished third in the deutsche bank championship yesterday, pocketing over a half million dollars. that check put woods over the $100 million mark for pga career earnings. woods notes that sam sneed won more than he has, but he has a bigger payout. >>> olympic gold medalist andy murray moves on in the u.s. open. he beat the canadian wry own yich last night. murray into the quarterfinals for the eighth straight time. murray has yet to win a major. >>> three members of team usa's gold medal winning women's gymnastics team took in the dodgers last night. ross, maroney and gabby douglas threw out the ceremonial first pitch. in this case, pitches. looks like they had a good time doing that. and that's a look at sports. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins after a short break. i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already
tonight weather permitting. >>> orioles north of the border against the bluejays. joe saunders pitched 6-plus scoreless innings and got some solid defense behind him. that included a nice bare- handed play by machado at thi . the os win 4-1 and are one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. >>> many people are working to stay out of debt but at the same time it's important to try to plan for your retirement. >> and every little bit helps. coming up next, we'll get some tips from the editor of kiplinger's personal finance. holly? >> reporter: i'm bellied up to the bar. no, i'm not. i'm previewing an event you might want to take part in. we are live this morning at the toledo factory in old town for the fashion night out at alexandria. it's a chance for the bar scene to be fashionable, as well. that and more plus the mayor stopped by to say hi. we'll see what he thinks about the special event live next on "fox 5 morning news."  >>> time for our facebook fan of the bay. today we say hello it jennifer craft. she says today is back to schoolday for her today because she is a midd
of convention highlights and california role in upcoming election, i'm joined by joe garofoli from the "san francisco chronicle." kitty felde, washington correspondent for kpcc, california public radio and debra saunders, columnist for the "san francisco chronicle." some exciting times. do you think or did the democrats deliver on bringing energy to president obama's bid for re-election? >> i think bill clinton was definitely the star of the week. even he outshined the president, i think, with his speech. think michelle obama had a better speech. the president's speech was good, but it is hard when he is asking for more time. it's almost like an apologetic speech. >> let's talk about four years ago when we were in denver. barack obama gave the amazing speech. he columns behind him. he is not the one anymore. bill clinton was the one. michelle obama was the one. barack obama just didn't have the oomph he had before. >> it is hard to recreate the star circumstance. >> you can't. >> belva: after four years hearing this president on the air repeatedly delivering almost the same message. america
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